The Celebrity Whisperer: Matthew Myers

  “Time” they say “waits for no man”. So, whilst the seasons change and we have dark cold nights to look forward to, spring has sprung across the southern hemisphere. With the help of a very dear friend, we hope to bring you some rays of sunshine to brighten the most darkest of nights. I am truly honoured to announce […]

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Let Me Take You Back….

    As one of the original Tainted Blood committee members, I immediately started writing articles for World AIDS Day related to the haemophiliacs super-infected due to the contaminated blood scandal. I was fortunate to build relationships with a number of media teams. This led to the editor asking me to write another article for the March 2008 Edition for Positive […]

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General Election 2017

This information is in no way meant as an attempt to persuade anybody’s vote on Thursday, 8th June 2017.   Haemophiliacs are born with a genetic blood disorder which prevents the blood from clotting. It can at times be life threatening and life expectancy once was a maximum of 21 years. This disabled group of people have faced many challenges […]

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The Metropolitan Police & LGBT Domestic Abuse

This Is What Happened When We Asked The Metropolitan Police For Figures On LGBT Domestic Abuse After police in Manchester launched a system for recording LGBT domestic abuse, BuzzFeed News asked the Met if it would do the same. When presented with what ensued, two LGBT charities called for immediate changes. Last week, Greater Manchester police (GMP) announced a major […]

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What Else is Hiding in the Dark?

Ok, so let me set the scene… One of your mates suggests a lad’s holiday, somewhere warm and cheap with plenty of eye candy to gawp at as the booze flows freely. Sounds familiar? Let’s do it. You deserve a break, a good laugh, it’s what makes you feel alive and who knows what else it might lead to? Prince […]

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Gay Pride, Human Rights

Well here we are, starting the chill out of the UK’s 2016 gay pride season. A year of “Absolutely Fabulous” events celebrating the diversity which makes up our society, whilst marching together in the fight for equality. Looking truly gorgeous as you would all expect. But what about those who cannot take freedom for granted?     So far this […]

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