That Bleeding Queen – EastEnders

Hello everyone. Summer is here and around the World people are proudly marching in the streets to declare their pride. As the temperatures rise the clothing reduces and what a wonderful time of year it is, to enjoy all those boys and girls. Whilst we all begin the merriment through the long warm nights there is a huge section of […]

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That Bleeding Queen

Welcome one and all. My name is Mark and yes you guessed it, I am one of the fabulous people and was born with Haemophilia, a rare genetic blood disorder. I am also one of the few remaining survivors of the global contaminated blood tragedy. Over the years I have faced many dark days filled with fear, pain and on […]

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That Bleeding Queen – Back to the 80s

  Hello again Readers. I was horrified to read an article on Facebook, 11th November 2015, which immediately took me back to the dark ages of the 1980’s.   The Sun’s HIV Hollywood Actor Story Is An ‘Insidious Headline Grab’, Campaigners Say The Sun newspaper has been criticised for stigmatising HIV after speculating on the status of a “superstar” Hollywood actor […]

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