Chemsex First Aid By David Stuart

One of the best resources we have, to keep ourselves and  our friends safe in chemsex environments, is each other. Being skilled-up with harm reduction information and some First Aid skills – while remembering how vulnerable we can all be under the influence of chems – can improve our chances of avoiding accidents, overdoses and deaths. It can help keep […]

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Chemsex: News & Updates

CHEMSEX News & Updates  Chem Sex What is Chemsex? If your understanding of the term “chemsex” has been informed by the general media, you’d be forgiven for thinking it defines the use of drugs or alcohol for sex, by any population.  However it has a more precise, and culturally specific definition. Chemsex is the use of any combination of drugs […]

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Chem Sex

This phrase is becoming well known amongst gay / bi-sexual men which best describes having sex under the influence of “recreational drugs”. This can sometimes mean a cocktail of various drugs are taken before and during sex.     Consuming large amounts of alcohol and taking “recreational drugs”, as well as other substances believed to enhance sex has long been […]

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