Chemsex First Aid By David Stuart

One of the best resources we have, to keep ourselves and

 our friends safe in chemsex environments, is each other.

Being skilled-up with harm reduction information and some First Aid skills – while remembering how vulnerable we can all be under the influence of chems – can improve our chances of avoiding accidents, overdoses and deaths. It can help keep ourselves, and the people we’re playing with, safer.

This booklet covers some general First Aid practices for some specific chemsex-related emergencies.

It includes some information on how to make judgment calls, and when not to; when to call an ambulance, as well as some tips to help avoid some of the most common emergencies that can happen in chemsex environments.

This booklet is not a comprehensive harm reduction resource. This booklet focuses on emergency situations and First Aid that might be applied in them. Harm reduction information regarding chems is much more extensive.

This document was written and prepared by David Stuart and Ignacio Labayen De Inza. Sept 2018

Chemsex First Aid action sheet