Global Anti-LGBT Headlines 2019

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Tennessee preacher-cop calls for execution of LGBTQ people

Authorities in Tennessee are reviewing all pending cases involving a Knox County Sheriff’s Office detective after he gave a sermon at his church that called for the government to execute members of the LGBTQ community.

“They are worthy of death,” Grayson Fritts said in a June 2 sermon at All Scripture Baptist Church, a small church in Knoxville that he leads.


Threatened With Death: Gay Tourists Warned To Stay Away From Ethiopia

Elton John Outraged as Russia Censors Rocketman Film

Kenya Upholds Criminalisation of Homosexuality In High Court Ruling

Tunisia Ignores Recommendations and Continues Homophobic and Transphobic Abuse

First Openly Lesbian Indian Athlete Facing Rejection From Her Family

Homophobic Threats and Jokes Still Tolerated in Police Ranks

Preacher Of Gay Hate: Steven Anderson Now Banned From Entering Most Of Europe

Brunei Backtracks After Global Condemnation Announcing Watered-Down Penal Code

Oil Giant Facing Pressure Over Ties To Homophobic Brunei Leader

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Tells Gay Tourists to Stay Away

Brunei Government Claims Gay Execution Law Is “Prevention” Not Punishment

Calls for pastor who celebrated Orlando massacre to be banned from Ireland

Steven Anderson (YouTube)

Anti-LGBT pastor Steven Anderson has previously been banned from entering other countries

They note that his appearance in the Republic of Ireland could be due to the country’s landslide vote of last year in which they legalised abortion

“This petition is for the people to show that they want Pastor Steven Anderson banned from entering the Republic of Ireland.”


‘It’s dangerous to go out now’: young, gay and scared in Brunei

Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

The punishments are part of the third and final phase of sharia laws to be implemented after they were first announced in 2013. Following panic and outcry then, plans for the most grievous penalties had lain seemingly dormant for years. Many had hoped that the government had quietly decided to back down.


Brunei Set to Enforce Capital Punishment For Homosexuality

Trump’s Anti-Transgender Military Purge to Begin in April 2019

Homophobic Christian Group Goes to War With Walmart For “Pro-Homosexual”

United Methodist Church Votes to Continue LGBTI Exclusion

Censored Version Bohemian Rhapsody to be Released in China

Bilateral Hate: Fighting The Enemy Within

“Fags, homos, you’re going to hell” – Journalist Violently Attacked on Auckland’s Gay Strip

Discrimination, Our Lack of Infrastructure to Support Our Community and to the Greater Public

First Gay Brazilian Congressman Goes Into Exile Fearing For His Life

Exorcism of LGBT People Called For By Indonesian Mayor

Renewed LGBTI Crackdown in Chechnya Leaves 2 Dead and Over 40 Arrested

Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov


Gay Conversion App Available on Google Play Despite Request For Removal

Bisexual Men


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LGBTQ Protections Now in Place for Congressional Staffers

On the Democrats’ first day in power, they passed a rules package that says that bars representatives and House employees from discriminating against LGBTQ people, according to LGBTQ Nation

The LGBT Congressional Staff Association, or LGBT CSA, commended this decision, saying that it sends an impactful message about diversity within the House of Representatives, that LGBTQ people are welcome in DC and within the House, and that the House respects the identity and dignity of LGBTQ individuals. 


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Japanese legislator condemned for making anti-LGBTI commentsVeteran lawmaker Katsuei Hirasawa said the ‘nation would collapse’ if everyone became LGBTI
Japanese legislator condemned for making anti-LGBTI comments
Veteran lawmaker Katsuei Hirasawa speaking at an event in 2014 | Photo: Facebook


Gay men tortured and beaten in seperate homophobic attacks in ChileAttackers forced one man’s head under hot water, while the other man was knocked unconscious with a rock after having his genitals stomped on
Gay men tortured and beaten in seperate homophobic attacks in Chile
Patricio Díaz Bravo was glassed in a homophobic attack in Chile in 2018 | Photo: Movilh


Newly Elected Governors in Michigan & Wisconsin Sign LGBTI Protection Legislation into Law


Brazil’s new president removes LGBT concerns from human rights ministry

Brazil’s new right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro removed concerns regarding the LGBT community from being considered by a new human rights ministry hours after his inauguration, part of a sweeping set of executive orders targeting some minority groups.

Bolsonaro stripped LGBT concerns from the ministry and named no other federal agency to consider such issues, The Associated Press reportedWednesday.