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How viruses disarm the immune system

Discovery of molecular mechanism could point toward new targets for treating patients

How do viruses that cause chronic infections, such as HIV or hepatitis c virus, manage to outsmart their hosts’ immune systems? The answer to that question has long eluded scientists, but new research has uncovered a molecular mechanism that may be a key piece of the puzzle. The discovery could provide new targets for treating a wide range of diseases.



Risk of some non-AIDS cancers greater for people with HIV than others over 50


Electromicrograph showing an HIV-infected T cell in blue and yellow

New clues to T cell development could boost search for HIV vaccine


pilot in cockpit

HIV positive man can become a commercial pilot



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Once-a-Week Pill Could Soon Be a Reality in HIV Treatment


Attitudes towards men who ‘bareback’ are a barrier to wider use of PrEP


Diabetes in people with HIV over 50 overwhelmingly linked to old antiretrovirals, not age or body weight


Middle-aged HIV-positive people have increased risk of ‘silent’ cerebral vascular disease linked to more severe health problems


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Donald Trump has fired every member of his Aids council


Lawyer began throwing drug-fuelled ‘chem sex’ parties after being diagnosed with HIV, court hears



World AIDS Day 2017

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World Aids Day 2017 marked by events and public acts around the globe

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended an art fair in Nottingham, Macron took a HIV test, and an artist broke the world record for the longest ribbon


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The End In Sight for HIV In New Zealand?

Risk of chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease in people with HIV should be assessed together


HIV incidence is falling in English gay men, say Public Health England


5 things you should know about being HIV-undetectable


Screen all HIV-positive MSM for pre-cancerous anal cell changes, say Dutch investigators


European AIDS Clinical Society strengthens HPV vaccination advice


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People with HIV still expect a lower quality of life than their negative peers, European survey finds


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US politician asks whether you can legally ‘quarantine’ HIV patients


People on HIV medication cannot transmit the virus, declares CDC


A year of generic PrEP could recoup its own cost within five years if effectiveness is high, Public Health England model finds


Further information on Hepatitis & HIV for people living with a bleeding disorder is available by clicking the link below.

Hepatitis and HIV

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