Male Sexual Health & Genitourinary Disorders: August 2017


Male sexual health is a subject which most men either ignore or find too difficult to discuss. This can sometimes lead to problems which may easily be solved, going untreated or more serious conditions being undiagnosed and requiring more invasive procedures.

In some cases the delay in diagnosis could even lead to life threatening circumstances or death.

For example, testicular or prostate cancer.

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Throughout August details related to specific male genitourinary disorders and male sexual health can be found here on Haemosexual.

These articles along with information designed to explain how to self-examine, stay healthy and enjoy a good sex life may also assist you in knowing your body better.

Starting with: “The Male Anatomy: Reproductive System”

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This information must never be seen as medical advice it is solely for educational purposes.

*If you are unsure about lumps, the cause of any pain in your genitals, blood in urine or semen ensure you speak to a doctor or nurse at your haemophilia centre immediately.