Haemosexual Australia: Contaminated Blood Scandal

TAINTED BLOOD AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA’S WORST PUBLIC HEALTH SCANDAL Tainted blood has impacted thousands of Australians. ¬†Right up until the 1990’s patients were exposed to blood and blood products that were tainted by deadly viruses. ¬†Victims of this scandal include adults, children, pregnant women, haemophiliacs, the sick, the anaemic, accident victims, and those having had elective surgery, they have not been […]

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Haemosexual Australia: Health & Political News

Haemosexual Australia Health & Political News Seeking gay and bisexual men in NSW to participate in this year’s survey. Findings are used to guide HIV and sexual health programs. If you are a gay or bisexual man who lives in Australia, we would like you to complete the Gay Community Periodic Survey. Taking part involves completing an anonymous online questionnaire […]

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