Tooshly – Press Release

Press Release “TOOSHLY” – THE CONTROVERSIAL NEW RANGE OF LGBT EMPOWERMENT TEES! “This T-shirt company is aiming to destroy gay derogatory terms!” TheGayUK Magazine (full article: tinyurl.com/y69t5cpb) The Tooshly vision is simple: disarm LGBT bullying terms (Poo Jabber, Butt Pirate, Knob Jockey, Muff Diver, Pussy Puncher, Turd Burglar, etc) by finally letting the LGBT community reclaim them: wear them proud! The Tooshly range […]

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Homophobia / Abuse

Homophobic attacks on gay/bi-sexual people (queer bashing) are sadly a very real threat. These criminal offences can be for robbery, discrimination, or for more sinister reasons. Abusive behaviour towards a person can take many different forms and can lead to the victim suffering physical and / or psychological harm.   For example: Bullying, intimidation, forcing you to do things you […]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Despite decades of studies, limited understanding of the complexities faced by a person with haemophilia or other blood disorder is unfortunately still widely unknown. The unique psychological and social problems of living with the condition, which also has great impact on families has radically changed over the past twenty or so years. Anxiety for the risks of bleeding and the threat from complications […]

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