Haemosexual Updates: Public Inquiry into the Tainted Blood Scandal

Haemosexual Updates Public Inquiry into the Tainted Blood Scandal Mark Ward, Founder of Haemosexual & Haemosexual Australia As the public inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal progresses, a personal commentary, updates and Inquiry information from Mark Ward will be published, along with his and other victims reactions. Accompanying videos will also be available on the Haemosexual YouTube Channel. Timetable for […]

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Haemosexual Australia

 Haemosexual Australia      Haemosexual Australia has been founded for two main purposes.   Firstly, we will be adding our voice and knowledge of the unique issues concerning gay and bi-sexual people with bleeding disorders, which are currently not discussed. No longer will we be out of sight out of mind. We are here and our lives are as important […]

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