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Press Release


“This T-shirt company is aiming to destroy gay derogatory terms!”

TheGayUK Magazine (full article:

The Tooshly vision is simple: disarm LGBT bullying terms (Poo Jabber, Butt Pirate, Knob Jockey, Muff Diver, Pussy Puncher, Turd Burglar, etc) by finally letting the LGBT community reclaim them: wear them proud!

The Tooshly range of T-shirts (which launched on 22nd Feb, 2019) currently comprises of 10 characters, with another 30+ characters on the drawing board, being released one new character per month. Shirts are priced at $75usd including free global shipping, and available at the Tooshly online store:

Cédric Amoyal, the 45 year old Australian creator of Tooshly says “I really wanted to flip these derogatory terms from tools of hate into weapons of love, laughter and compassion. I was very much inspired by the history of the ‘Pink Triangle’”.

“I had the vision for Tooshly over 16 years ago”, Cédric continues “but at that time it just felt too early – too big of a leap. Now in 2019, the LGBT community are finally supported and confident enough to take back ownership of what’s rightfully theirs. All the signs are there that the world is finally at a turning point on this topic. So I decided it was finally time to launch Tooshly”.

“Given the stigma attached to these slurs, I was expecting some initial hesitancy (even pushback), but the response from the LGBT community has been absolutely phenomenal –  they instantly got it!”

You can download all Tooshly designs here

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Cédric Amoyal | Creator
+467 0842 3180 (Sweden)